The first pillar of the Knights of Columbus is Charity.  Every fall, Council 3744 identifies a charitable project with the specific goal of sharing the joy of Christmas with a deserving family in need. 

In 2014 we were introduced to Sr Judy at Alexandria House (CLICK HERE for their website)Founded in 1996, Alexandria House is a non-profit transitional residence and house of hospitality providing safe and supportive housing for women and children in the process of moving from emergency shelter to permanent housing.  Located in the densely populated and ethnically diverse Mid-Wilshire area, Alexandria House also serves its broader neighborhood community by providing educational and enrichment opportunities for residents and neighbors alike.

These two houses comprise the "Alexandria House" complex.  The yellow house is for the living areas, offices, school, kitchen and dining rooms with the green house including the bedrooms and bathrooms for all the residents. The two houses are next to each other and are beautiful Victorian structures built in the 1920's located on the east side of Korea Town near downtown LA.

Last year we were able to meet our goal of providing a family with some essential items needed to make the move to their own apartment and we also provided a check to the Alexandria House for their small teacher/volunteer elementary school.   

We will again be raising donations to support Alexandria House as well as making this a happy Christmas for one particular family.


From Paul Condran, Past Grand Knight

I delivered all of the baby food, three additional items from the Hope Box list, comforter and additional kitchen supplies, and the new beds were delivered the following week.

I also presented Sr. Judy and her “House” facilitator Michele with checks totaling $1,960!  $1,030 goes towards the Alexandria House's general needs and their in-house school.  The remaining $930 along with all of the supplies I brought will go directly to the family we supported this year: a mother and her two young daughters.

It is always special for me to deliver the money and the Hope Box items to the Alexandria House.  It’s a special place and Sr. Judy was elated (and in tears) to have such heartfelt love and support from the Knights of Columbus.  Charity is so important, and it should always be our guiding principal, especially at Christmas.

I asked Sr. Judy if we (the KofC 3744) can be listed as a supporter of the Alexandria House on their website, and of course she said a resounding YES!!!

Gentlemen, we are greatly and lovingly appreciated.

Thank you for all you do.