Click on the image to the left for a digital representation of the Memorial Plaque displayed in Knights of Columbus Council 3744 main hall which lists the names of the departed Brother Knights of our council. 

The current Knights of Council 3744 owe an extreme debt of gratitude to those who have gone before us.  Their efforts are represented in the council hall they built, the many programs they initiated and their impressive records of service to family, community and church.

Please keep these departed Brother Knights and their families in your thoughts and prayers and join us for our council Memorial Mass celebrated each year in November.



Following are links to obituaries for recently deceased Brother name for full obituary.

If you have obituary information on others, please send it to for inclusion on this list.

Date Passed Brother Knight
11/11/17 Edwin Zvanovec
04/07/17 Samuel C Infantino
03/25/17 Rev James L Kolling
12/13/16 Joseph S Toia
11/15/16 Charles J "Bud" Hayes
10/18/16 James J Curran
11/09/15 Msgr Gabriel Gonzales
10/21/15 Walter E Reed
07/22/15 Joseph D Vezzetti, Jr
05/04/15 Walter J Walsh, Jr
02/11/15 Michael L Olson
12/27/14 Raul J Mondragon PGK
10/28/14 Michael J Cervenak
07/09/14 Joseph C DeLuca
03/31/14 Michael G Huben
03/26/14 David S Kurt
03/07/14 Thomas Gabele
01/12/14 John A Gartska
08/22/13 John Parsons



Family and friends of departed Brother Knights of Council 3744 can sponsor tributes which can be found in the monthly Council Bulletin.  Individuals wishing to purchase a tribute for a departed Brother can request information at