The following list of recommended readings is prepared by Brother Tom Ullman PGK, Council #3744 Pro-Life and Decency Chairman. This list is prepared to provide members with access to information shared at the monthly meetings and to direct members to articles of interest relating to Pro-Life, Decency, Family Values and other topics with emphasis on Catholic teachings.

A brief summary of each article is presented.  Simply click where indicated at the end of the article description to be taken to the full source material.

If you have recommendations to be considered, please send them to for forwarding to Brother Ullman for review and possible inclusion on this list.


Emerging Science Finds Fetus Can Be Beneficial to Mother's Health  (Posted 01/31/16)
Blog article (reposted from points out that while a standard pro-abortion argument hinges on the premise that a baby inside his mom’s womb attacks her bodily integrity, science paints a vastly different picture about the actual relationship between a baby in utero and his or her mother, showing that, far from being a parasite, the unborn child can help heal his mother for the rest of her life, as beneficial cells from the child pass into the mother’s body during pregnancy. (Click Here)

The United Nations Continues to Push a Radical Abortion Agenda  (Posted 02/23/15)
Article from Steven Mosher, writing for the Population Research Institute, parses the use of sanitized "code words" that are often used when disguising the real agenda of many of the United Nations policies as they advocate for abortion and disruption of family values in the name of population management. (Click Here

20 Reasons to Think Twice About Aborting a Baby with Anencephaly  (Posted 11/16/14)
Blog article (reposted on where Dr. Peter Saunders wrestles with the moral dilemmas of elective abortions in the case of severely deformed fetuses.  Dr. Saunders is a medical doctor and the CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship (British organization with 4,500 doctors and 1,000 medical students as members). He is also associated with the Care Not Killing Alliance in the UK. (Click Here

Whose Behind the Program to Sterilize Kenyan Women Without Their Consent  (Posted 11/15/14)
Article from which describes a deceptive program to sterilize Kenyan women.  Written by Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute and author of "Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits". (Click Here

Abortion More Dangerous than Childbirth  (Posted 09/17/14)
Article from which describes a study showing that abortion is more dangerous to women than live birth - countering the idea that abortion is a form of "health care". (Click Here

Nigerian Women Don’t Want What the U.S. is Peddling  (Posted 08/13/14)
Article from Population Research Institute explores the contradictions between Nigerian women's wishes and those of the U.S. government aid providers. (Click Here)

Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening and Selection and the Church in 2014  (Posted 08/03/14)
Article from Scholl Institute of Bioethics discusses ethical issues surrounding the screening and pre-selection of embryos for in vitro fertilization so the optimal embryo might be selected or genetically enhanced. (Click Here)


Parental Television Council (Posted 08/13/14)
Parental Television Council is a faith based organization which provides resources for selecting family-oriented entertainment options, including:
- Home Page with full menu of organization resources (Click Here)
- Picks of the Week for family viewing (Click Here)
- TV, Movie and DVD reviews for family appropriateness (Click Here)


Fighting for Life and Family (Posted 06/27/16)
Human Life Intl article by Fr Shenan Boquet on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 16 which descrives the Family as the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state. (Click Here

Value of Family in Our Society (Posted 09/17/14)
Tidings article by Archbishop Gomez on the value of family in today's society (Click Here

Beautiful Truth of Marriage and Family (Posted 09/17/14)
Tidings article by Archbishop Gomez on the beauty of marriage and family (Click Here


State Directors Monthly Messages (Posted 07/27/16)
Monthly messages and information resources from the State Officers (Click Here)

The Catholic Spirit of Christopher Columbus (Posted 10/11/14)
An interesting article on Christopher Columbus - while he is often perceived as controversial, this article presents some rebuttals, with references (Click Here