Council Awards

Council #3744 has maintained a tradition of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism in its programs and services from its founding in 1953.  Each of our active members and their families are greatly valued for the special talents they share with the Council. To recognize extraordinary involvement by members, the following awards (among others) are presented each year:

Knight of the Year recognizes an individual Brother Knight for outstanding dedication and service to the Council

Family of the Year honors a Brother Knight and his family that exemplifies the fullest practice of Columbianism

Council Awards Dinner for 2017/2018 Columbian Year

A nice group of Council officers, members, spouses and families gathered on May 23, 2018 for a delicious dinner and an evening of recognition for some of our most involved Brother Knights and our supporting organizations: Ladies of Columbus, Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls.

It was a wonderful evening of comraderie and well deserved recognition for a large group of individuals who devote themselves to the success of our Council.

The Knight of the Year honor was awarded to Brother Paul Callinan (left photo).

The Family of the Year award was presented to Brother Chris Lopez and Family (right photo).

Congratulations and thanks to each of these Brother Knights for their consistent and generous support of Council 3744, its events and members!

Year                    Knight of the Year                    Family of the Year

2019 Paul Callinan Chris Lopez Family
2018                   Alex Padilla                             Richard Wagner Family
2017                    Tony Holloway                        Tino Carbajal Family
2016                   Gabriel Faustinos                   Ken Lockwood Family
2015                   Ed Stokx PGK                          Michael Rachford Family
2014                   Chris Lopez PGK                     Daniel Koskovich Family
2013                   Paul Condran PGK                 Michael Engler Family
2012                   Mark Brosmer                        Ed Stokx Family
2011                    Tom Hughes                           Norman Bisho Family

2010                   Michael Rachford PGK          Alex Padilla Family
2009                  Robert Wright PGK                 Paul Condran Family
2008                  Chip Mallek                            Mark Brosmer Family
2007                  Marcel van der Sluys PGK     Robert Wright Family
2006                  Walter Walsh, Jr                      Anthony Leoni Family
2005                  Mike Engler PGK
2004                  Darryl Rouzan PGK                Marcel van der Sluys Family
2003                  Joe Vezzetti                             Chip Mallek Family
2002                  Vincent Migliazzo PGK           Fred Moore Family
2001                   William Thompson PGK         Pat Rotolo Family

2000                  James Williams PGK               Charles Pavlich Family
1999                  Edward Brady                         Darryl Rouzan Family
1998                   Robert Young PGK                  William Thompson Family
1997                   Pat Rotolo                                Vincent Migliazzo Family
1996                   Gregory Ullman                      Sam Toia Family
1995                    Stanley Clark PGK                  James Williams Family
1994                    Chuck Pavlich PGK                Robert Young Family
1993                    Ralph Hayne PGK                  Ralph Hayne Family
1992                    John Kelly                                Stanley Clark Family
1991                     Thomas Ullman PGK             Paul Hood Family

1990                    William Boyle, Jr PGK             William Corrin Family
1989                    Thomas Jones PGK                 John Kelly Family
1988                     James Barry                           William Drenick Family
1987                     Frank Capone PGK                Thomas Ullman Family
1986                     Bill Drenick PGK                     Frank Capone Family
1985                      John Deane                           William Boyle Family
1984                     Anthony Ghilardi PGK           Charles Conneally Family
1983                     Ben Valentine                         Ben Bodziak Family
1982                     Ruben Lenoue                        James Mader Family
1981                      Paul Hood PGK                      Raul Mondragon Family

1980                      Lyle Brennan                         Thomas Jones Family
1979                      Fred Dyck
1978                      Fred Moore PGK
1977                      Frank Coffey
1976                      Raul Mondragon PGK
1975                      Larry Schumaker PGK
1974                      Bill Parker
1973                      Marvin Friebel PGK
1972                       Jim Mader
1971                       Bob Dalton

1970                      Julius Lazok PGK
1969                     Syl Schmolder PGK
1968                     Bob Kehoe PGK
1967                      Joe Morris PGK
1966                     Lee Johnson
1965                     Matt Walsh PGK
1964                     Bill Corrin PGK
1963                     Barney Jagosz
1962                     Alex Stevenson PGK
1961                      Joe Van Dusen PGK