Grand Knights

Current Grand Knight:  Mervin Hughes  (2020 Columbian Year)

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A Message to my Brothers

I am very excited to have been elected as your new Grand Knight for this Columbian year. Thank you and your families for your undying support!

Here are a few priorities for me as your Grand Knight:

1) To maintain strong, continuous communication between the Council and all our Members, since this is extremely important in keeping everyone informed and active with our charities and events.

2) To strive to reach out to all our Brother Knights in our Council on a more personal level and invite everyone to attend Council meetings.

3) To continue to get better connected to our Catholic Faith as a united community and family.

Together there is nothing we cannot achieve, and with God by our side we will continue to do everything we can to spread Charity to all.

God bless you, your friends, and your families!

Past Grand Knights:

Year     Name
2019 Mervin Hughes
2018     Alex Flores
2017     Alex Flores
2016     Paul Condran
2015     Paul Condran
2014     Paul Condran
2013     Bob Wright
2012     Bob Wright
2011      Chris Lopez

2010     Chris Lopez
2009     Ed Stokx
2008     Ed Stokx
2007     Michael Rachford
2006     Michael Rachford
2005     Marcel van der Sluys / Michael Rachford
2004     Marcel van der Sluys
2003     Michael Watkins
2002     Michael Engler
2001     Darryl Rouzan

2000     Andy Casey
1999     James Williams
1998     Bill Kanatsky
1997     Bill Thompson
1996     Bill Thompson
1995     Don Glaza
1994     Vince Migliazzo
1993     James Williams
1992     James Williams
1991     Ralph Hayne

1990     Stan Clark
1989     Tom Ullman
1988     Bob Young
1987     Raul Mondragon
1986     Bill Boyle, Jr
1985     David Frelinger
1984     Tony Irvine / Frank Capone
1983     Bill Drenick
1982     Frank Capone
1981     Bill Corrin

1980     Howard Eichinger Jr
1979     Paul Hood
1978     Anthony Ghilardi
1977     Edwin Pens
1976     Fred Lower
1975     Larry Schumaker
1974     Fred Moore
1973     Tom Jones
1972     Charles Pavlich
1971     Marvin Friebel

1970     Sylvester Schmolder
1969     Bob Kehoe
1968     Edward Barry
1967     Edward Kilroy
1966     Walter Ways
1965     Alex Stevenson
1964     Vincent McGucken
1963     Matt Walsh
1962     Joe Morris
1961     David Fochtman

1960     George Koster
1959     Julius Lazok
1958     Joe Van Dusen
1957     Vincent Hohman
1956     Vincent Hohman
1955     Charles Spencer
1954     Ronald Hall
1953     Rudy Wittal